Where We See The RFP Future

DirectRFP® is constantly innovating to make sure our RFP tool makes your business as efficient as possible.

RFP Process Innovations Coming Soon


Advancements in AI

Our AI is constantly evolving so that DirectRFP® does even more of the thinking for you.
Reporting function

Improved RFP Reporting Functions

As in-depth and customisable as our reporting already is, we are looking to drill down even further so that the wealth of information stored is completely transparent.

Increased RFP Question Library

The RFP question library grows with every new question added meaning this will continually improve to help you with your RFP process steps. Having trouble extracting the required information? The RFP question library can help, giving you new ideas and ways to find the right vendor for you.

Have an Idea or Improvement? Or Just Love Our RFP Tool?

We are always excited to hear of new ways to improve DirectRFP® from users and potential customers alike. Or, if you are a user already and just love our RFP tool and want to share your experiences with us, even better! Please let us know in the form below:

DirectRFP®Built to Solicit Exact and Measurable RFP Responses


Built to Solicit Exact and Measurable Responses

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