Automate the RFP Response Process

Respond to more RFPs with ease and efficiency. DirectRFP’s software is a centralized place to store, edit, and manage a library of RFP responses to automate your process, helping you reach more buyers and win more projects.

DirectRFP for Vendors

Filling out lengthy, time-consuming, and ambiguous RFPs can deter your team from even considering responding to RFPs, causing you to miss out on project opportunities and build relationships with more buyers. DirectRFP is a strategic RFP platform for vendors that automates responses, eliminates ambiguous questionnaires, and connects you with more business opportunities. See all the ways DirectRFP can streamline and enhance the RFP response process for you.

Quicker RFP Response Time

With archived responses and auto-fill capabilities, DirectRFP can reduce your RFP response time by over 60%. There is no need to submit pages of content every time you respond to an RFP, everything in our platform is database driven for scalability and flexibility.

Multi-Person, Multi-Location Access

Coordinate and collaborate with multi-location, multi-discipline teams to provide the best RFP response without any guessing. DirectRFP’s cloud-based software make it easier than ever to connect with your team to provide the best responses to RFPs.

Clear RFP Questions and Requirements

Ambiguous and paragraph-prose are a thing of the past – DirectRFP drives precise questions and responses with a weighted multiple choice RFP format. The multiple-choice questions reduce confusion and ambiguity which speeds up the selection process, provides the best vendor-buyer match, and brings in more projects sooner for your team.

Managed RFP Services through LinkSource

DirectRFP is a proprietary tool of LinkSource Technologies. LinkSource’s managed service team harnesses the power and intelligence of DirectRFP’s software to offer the best end-to-end RFP management services, giving your team the time and resources to accomplish even more essential business objectives and goals.

Is your procurement team looking to reach more vendors?

Gain access to more vendors and streamline your RFP preparation with DirectRFP’s intuitive platform. DirectRFP reduces the time, effort, and resources needed to issue and analyze RFPs, helping you connect with the vendors that are right for you. Discover how we can help you.

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