Streamline the RFP Preparation Process

Save your organization significant time, money, and resources with DirectRFP’s software and managed services. Our innovative platform is built to improve and automate the RFP process for your organization so you can complete more projects efficiently and effectively.

Buyer Benefits

After 20 years of experience in the telecom, cloud, and IT domains, the strategic sourcing experts at LinkSource saw a need to significantly enhance the RFP preparation, management, and measurement process – developing DirectRFP, their proprietary RFP platform, in the process. DirectRFP takes the pain out of the RFP process as an enriched RFP platform with buyer-specific features and benefits. See all the ways DirectRFP can support your procurement team.

Completely Online Tool

No longer do you need to send documents back and forth between team members or worry about losing documentation of your RFP process. DirectRFP’s platform is completely cloud-based and accessible from anywhere at any time, enabling your team to collaborate in real-time with an automated audit trail.

Repository of Previous Questions and Documents

Our RFP tool includes a central repository to store and search for past RFPs, questions, documents, and data. This feature can automate up to 60-80% of your RFPs with RFP cloning, predictive questioning, an editable question library, and more.

Flexible Role Management

Multi-role flexibility allows your RFP project team to collaborate on RFPs with the appropriate security settings. You can set account types to define each users’ permissions, including editing, scoring, and awarding RFPs. All activities within your documents are traceable to the date, time, and user involved.

Improved Vendor Participation

Vendors using the DirectRFP platform benefit from the speed and automation of our tool as well. Their responses to previous RFPs are archived and enable them to complete your RFPs more efficiently, overall improving and increasing vendor participation for your RFPs.

End-to-End RFP Management with LinkSource

DirectRFP is a proprietary tool of LinkSource Technologies. LinkSource’s managed service team harnesses the power and intelligence of DirectRFP’s software to offer pre- through post-RFP management services, giving your team the time and resources to accomplish even more essential business objectives and goals.

Are you a Telecom, Cloud, or IT Vendor?

Gain access to more buyers and streamline your RFP response efforts with DirectRFP’s intuitive platform. DirectRFP reduces the time, effort, and resources needed to complete an RFP response and helps you connect with the buyers that are right for you. Discover how we can help you.

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