Buyer Benefits-RFP Preparation

If you are an organization that spends a large amount of time, money and resources on the RFP preparation, DirectRFP® is a necessary innovation for you.

Flexible Role Management

Multi-role flexibility allows your RFP project team to collaborate on RFPs with the appropriate security settings. DirectRFP will change how you write RFPs.

Define RFP Preparation Roles and Permissions

Set account type and permissions so you can determine who can:
  • Purchase Licenses
  • View Billing
  • Rescore Answers
  • Approve Forms
  • Add Questions
  • View RFPs
  • Edit RFPs
  • Create RFPs
  • Award RFPs
  • Add Files
  • Respond to Messages
  • Create Companies
  • Add Vendors

Ease of RFP Set Up

Legacy RFPs trapped in old Word and Excel files? No problem.

Clone previous RFPs to further reduce creation time


Import old legacy RFPs in Word, Excel, and CSV format to build off of older requirements


Continually evolving question library to help write your RFP


Central repository for all communication, documents and data

Save Time. Get More Responses From Your RFPs.

of the proposal can be automated

Save Time

reduction in processing time

DirectRFP® allows for RFP cloning, predictive questioning, question library, form drag and drop and more elements to cut down RFP preparation time.

DirectRFP® increases ease of vendor response — Gartner says: “if organizations develop a negotiating strategy supported by IT and procurement they could achieve significant savings…as high as 20 percent off list prices, depending on the nature and stage of the contract.”

RFP Questions and Requirements Set Up

Build out your RFP quickly through various Topics, Sections and Questions.

By RFP Topic Area

Manage the construction of your RFP by department or area e.g. SIP Trunking services, Audit Services, UCaaS (Unified Communications)

By RFP Section

Larger RFPs can be broken down by project tasks and stages. From planning to implementation, different stakeholders can be assigned to certain areas.

By RFP Question

Use previously built RFPs to assist in wording and question set up.

A constantly growing question library can help users to gain knowledge from previously issued RFPs. This speeds up the RFP preparation process and ensures you get responses containing only beneficial information.


Ease of RFP Management

Run multiple RFPs, organised and assigned by different departments, involving multiple stakeholders to achieve transparency and clear communications.
  • Centralization and management of multiple proposals
  • Presentation and RFP content standardized and easy to read
  • Direct communication with vendors
  • One or multiple RFPs

Measure Fairly to Select the Right Vendor

Editable weighting by question and by section and live reporting/tracking simplifies the review process so that you can confidently find the right vendor for the job.
  • Streamlined Management of RFP response process
  • Customizable answers for ease of comparison
  • Real time scoring
  • Real time progress of responses

Audit and Compliance

By providing live analytics and a central data storage system, audit and compliance requirements are easily met by using DirectRFP®.
  • Regulatory or compliance requirements built into the RFP
  • Readily accessible and concise information
  • Customizable reporting/response weighting

Built to Solicit Exact and Measurable RFP Responses

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