Professional RFP Managed Services

DirectRFP is powered by LinkSource, a professional managed services provider. LinkSource provides seamless end-to-end RFP management, enhanced by the efficiency and automation of the DirectRFP software. Discover how the power of LinkSource and DirectRFP will drive the best results for your organization and take the pain out of the RFP process.

RFP Planning Services

Pre-RFP planning is critical to a successful project. LinkSource helps you get started by offering all of the pre-RFP support you need, including:

Validating products and services in scope

Reviewing and consulting on business requirements and objectives

Assisting with RFP creation

RFP Creation Services

Engaging more vendors requires a professional and comprehensible RFP. LinkSource helps develop all assets of your RFP, including:

Timeline — Launch date, Question Due, RFP Due date, Award date

Required Forms — Load required forms i.e., NDA, Security Docs, MSA.

RFP Questions — Load RFP Questions, ensure formatting, structure etc.

Vendor Selection — Load vendor, profiles and access.

Weighting — Weighting sections and service types based on importance.

Scoring — Score questions and answers.

RFP Management & Support

After issuing your RFP, LinkSource helps you stay on top of all the required tasks that would typically take valuable time away from your team. Our ongoing management and support services include:

Being the single point of contact for buyers and vendors

Field and respond to questions from buyers and vendors

Assist with response analysis and scoring

Support a second round (re-open of RFP) if required before award

Hold vendors conference to review additional questions or clarifications needed

Evaluate and advice on overall questions and pricing for award

Send out award/no award notification to vendors based on evaluation

Post-RFP Services

When the award is ready to be sent out, our LinkSource team will assist with any post-RFP tasks, including:

Gather any additional details required before moving to contracting stage

Revise pricing or request concessions if necessary

Assist with contract negotiation & review to include terms, commitments, pricing, T’s & C’s, business downturn, SLA’s, and more.

DirectRFP Powers Faster and More Efficient RFPs

DirectRFP is LinkSource’s proprietary RFP software that eliminates the headache of the traditional RFP process. LinkSource leverages DirectRFP’s intelligent features to automate up to 90% of the RFP creation process, reduce ambiguous questions, and auto-score and analyze results for you. Discover more about how our platform’s features can benefit your team.

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