Managed RFP Services for Enterprises

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Writing an effective request for proposals (RFP) is probably the most important step in the procurement process. It’s also one of the most challenging. There’s more to an RFP that just whipping up a few questions and sending it out into the world. There’s a science to creating an RFP that will attract vendors who can meet your requirements.


At DirectRFP®, we understand that not every organization has the resources to invest in learning how to craft an effective RFP. So in addition to our DirectRFP automation software, we provide managed RFP services — our team of experts will support your RFP development process every step of the way.

Pre-RFP Services

  • Definition of project objectives
  • Identification of RFP criteria
  • Timeline development
  • Potential vendor identification

RFP Development

  • RFP question selection
  • Weighting
  • RFP response scoring
  • Launch of your RFP

Post-RFP Services

  • Proposal review
  • Collection of additional details
  • Negotiation with vendors

We’ve already built the world’s first RFP development platform, aimed at helping users create RFPs that attract precise, measurable responses from vendors that meet their criteria.

But the process is about much more than just the RFP itself. There are numerous tasks associated with procurement that you must handle either before or after you develop your RFP. And that’s where DirectRFP’s managed RFP services come in.

Our Managed RFP Services Team Helps at Every Stage

A successful procurement process demands preparation before your RFP is published, and follow-up once responses start to roll in.

Pre-RFP Services


Defining Project Objectives

The first step towards finding the right vendor is defining exactly what you aim to achieve. We’ll help you define project goals and determine what products or services are required to give you a realistic starting point for your RFP.

Identification of RFP Criteria

Setting clear criteria in your RFP will ensure vendors provide you with all the information you need to make a selection. Our team can help identify criteria you can use both to develop your RFP and, later, evaluate responses.

Timeline Development

It can be challenging to set a timeline for your RFP. Too long, and your whole project gets delayed. Too short, and you may not attract the best vendors. Let us help you set deadlines for launch, questions, submissions, and awards.

Identifying Suitable Vendors

If your plan is to invite specific vendors to submit proposals rather than posting your RFP publicly, you’ll need to know which vendors will be able to fulfill your needs. Our industry experience means we can point you toward suitable vendors based on past RFPs.

RFP Development Services


RFP Question Selection

Our DirectRFP automation software streamlines the process of creating an RFP, but there is still an art to choosing the right questions to garner the responses you need. Let our managed RFP services team assist you.


Weighting is the process of deciding which questions in your RFP are most important — and can be challenging if it’s not something you do often. We’ll work with you to determine weights for all your RFP questions.

RFP Launch

All of your hard work will be wasted without this step. We can help you send invitations to specific vendors or publish your RFP publicly. Our team can also help field questions from vendors once your RFP goes live.

RFP Response Scoring

Sending out your RFP isn’t the end of the process — not by a long shot. As vendor responses roll in, you’ll need to score and rank them scientifically to ensure your selection process is fair and transparent.

Post-RFP Services


Proposal Review

A good RFP (like the one you’ll put together with our managed RFP services) will attract a lot of responses, and sifting through those responses can be an overwhelming process. Let our managed RFP services team help.

Collection of Additional Details

Even once you’ve found an RFP response you like, you don’t want to jump into a contract with that vendor until you’re sure they can meet your needs. We’ll help collect any additional information necessary for your decision.

Negotiation with Vendors

Choosing a vendor proposal doesn’t mean you’ve got a contract in place. Our experts can assist with contract negotiation and review of terms, commitments, pricing, service level agreements, and more.
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DirectRFP offers total support for your organization at every stage of the RFP process. Ready for a more efficient, effective, economical procurement process? We can help.

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