Managed RFP Services for Resellers and Agents

20 Years of Experience Developing RFPs for the Telecom, IT and Cloud Sector

Are You Still Manually Creating, Deploying and Evaluating RFP’s?

Simplify and streamline with DirectRFP®. We’ve got over 20 years of experience developing RFPs specifically for the IT and technology sector. And we’ve developed an RFP automation software platform that eliminates almost all the work — and produces better results.

If you want to provide your clients with the best in managed RFP services, you want to work with DirectRFP. Choose the solution that works best for you:

License our RFP automation software

With our revolutionary DirectRFP automation software, you can automate 90% of the RFP process and cut processing time by 60% — while still delivering quality results.

Partner with our experts

Let our managed RFP services team handle the entire process on your behalf. We’ll support your clients from start to finish to ensure the best results.

Why Partner with DirectRFP?

You’ve managed your clients’ RFP process on your own until now, why make a change? DirectRFP offers benefits you won’t find anywhere else:


Years of Experience

If your agency lacks the experience, expertise, or connections to offer the best managed RFP services to your clients, you can count on us to help keep your clients happy.

Focus on, Telecom, IT and Cloud Sectors

We only develop RFPs for the IT and technology sectors. We know it all — the questions to ask, the answers to expect, and the best vendors to talk to.

Revolutionary RFP automation software

We’ve streamlined the legacy process of developing RFPs into an efficient, automated system that cuts out most of the work and delivers better results.

Start-to-Finish Managed RFP Services

Unlike other organizations that only help build an RFP, we’ll support your client every step of the way — from planning to negotiating the final details of the contract.

White Label DirectRFP Software


Our DirectRFP software solution eliminates nearly all the work from the RFP process without compromising the quality of your results.

Provide your clients with the best possible results, in a fraction of the time manual RFP development requires. What do you get?
  • Multi-role flexibility for easy collaboration between departments or team members
  • Easy setup that allows you to import old RFP files to build off old requirements
  • RFP automation that reduces processing time by 60%
  • A continually growing library of pre-defined topics and questions

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Partner with DirectRFP Experts

Not every business can afford to dedicate enough resources to develop a truly effective RFP. The experts on DirectRFP’s managed RFP services team will support your process from start to finish.

Pre-RFP Services

  • Definition of project objectives
  • Identification of RFP criteria
  • Timeline development

RFP Development

  • RFP question selection
  • Weighting
  • RFP response scoring

Post-RFP Services

  • Proposal review
  • Collection of additional details
  • Negotiation with vendors

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Let Our Experience Work for You

Ready to let go of the past and let DirectRFP take the work out of managing your clients’ RFPs? Make us your first choice for managed RFP services or license our revolutionary RFP software. Contact us now for a free consultation.