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DirectRFP® is the world’s first RFP development platform built to solicit exact and measurable responses from vendors by:

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    Cutting down the time and effort to create and deploy procurement RFPs
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    Eliminating the need for manual review of bids through auto-scoring
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    Improving RFP vendor access, leading to more competition on bids
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    Providing transparency in open, closed, and in-progress bids

Our mission is to help organizations run better procurement RFPs and find the best solutions for their business problems. Complete the form or contact us to request a demo to see how DirectRFP® can cut down on your RFP development time.

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Your 22-Step Guide to the RFP Process

When it comes time to put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your project, it’s important to follow an efficient process to get the best bids. We created a step by step RFP process, to help you deliver RFPs the right way. Whether it’s your first time creating an RFP or your hundredth, the 22 steps outlined in this guide will give you a systematic and practical path to building an effective RFP process for your organization.