Board of Advisors

Curt Lewis

With more than 20 years of experience, Curt is a respected authority in the Telecom industry, participating in several advisory councils and has guided LinkSource Technologies to become a recognized Telecom and Cloud managed services firm on the west coast. LinkSource manages over millions in annual client revenue for some of the most prominent brands. Curt’s entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to take on endeavours, such as becoming an Angel Investor in the Biochemical and Technology industries along with being an active philanthropist.

Jason Newbold

Jason’s background is in global telecom sales and management with more than 20 years of experience from both AT&T and SBC Global. As an expert in SIP, TEM and VPN solutions, Jason has a strong technical background, which has been highly sought after in numerous engagements and other business opportunities. He is passionate about discovering client’s challenges and coupling his telecom expertise with his innate need to explore new markets and technologies.

Chris Werpy

Chris Werpy has lead multiple teams and is responsible for the Solutions Engineering, Client Services and Emerging Markets organizations. He brings more than 15 years of networking and communications experience with a proven track record in technical and strategic roles in operations, sales and business development. He has published numerous industry articles, spoken on various panels and is a recognized thought leader in the communications and security industries.

Alberto Perez

Alberto brings a strong understanding of the RFQ, RFI, RFP and SOQ processes within the Public and Private markets. Since 1989 Alberto has lead many Project and Construction management teams in various industries including consulting, architecture and construction. He has worked for 3DI, Parsons, Lend Lease, Jacobs and he is currently Vice President and the Regional Business Line Leader for the Wester US for AECOM. Albert has successfully pursued, developed and captured corporate, commercial, education, judicial, correctional, industrial, environmental, municipal, water, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, public buildings and city, county and state clients.

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