DirectRFP is the World's First

RFP Technology Platform Built to Solicit Exact and Measurable Responses

Our mission? To help organizations run better RFPs to reduce the cost of procurement.

DirectRFP Solves

The Key RFP Management Challenges Experienced by Procurement Professionals

Challenge #1:
Creation and Deployment

The time and effort to create and deploy a single, much less, multiple RFPs can tie up your team and resources and results in RFPs often never getting off the ground.

Challenge #2:
Scoring and Analysis

The effort wasted in analyzing vague and ambiguous paragraph-based answers often leads to misinterpretation and confusion.

Challenge #3:

The lack of analytics, tracking and reporting often creates distrust and anti-compliant RFPs and vendor (responder) frustration.

The Solution?

DirectRFP – The Only Solution That allows Procurement Teams

…to easily create, share, structure, measure, and analyse RFPs to find the best and exact solution for their business needs without the ambiguity and confusion of traditional paragraph-based answers.

reduction in RFP creation time
reduction in costs
instantaneous results analysis

DirectRFP: Key Benefits

Reduce the time and effort it takes to create, deploy and score RFPs through a single pane view.

Automate 90% of Your RFP

With templates and just focus on the critical 10%

Eliminate Ambiguity

In bids through set answers and weighted scoring

Auto-Score and Analyze

Results live, and never print off another bid again

Improve Ease of Vendor Access

To get more responses and enjoy better cost savings

Real Time Scoring

From open to close, know who’s bidding (how they are scoring)

Industry Solutions

Looking for Telecom and Cloud RFP Management Support?

Telecom and Cloud Experts

Over 20 years of telecom and IT domain expertise, running over 500 RFPs.

Complete RFP Lifecycle Managed Services

Assisting with creating, benchmarking, managing and analysing – end to end delivery

Over 1000 Best-in-Class RFP Questions

For over 14 telecom technology categories with the ability to run multiple RFPs simultaneously

Multi-Technology Domain Expertise

Whether its MPLS, SIP, UCaaS, or TEM Audits – we can help with each and every RFP

DirectRFP Access Roles

(minimum 5 seats per site)

Allow your RFP procurement team to quickly and easily start, manage and evaluate single or multiple RFPs and unlimited number of bidders to respond easily to multiple bids simultaneously.


Super Buyer

(Minimum one)
  • Authority to add/remove Buyers and assign access privileges to Buyers
  • Full system-wide access to all RFPs
  • Management dashboard including all key metrics and KPI


  • Day to day management, monitoring of all RFPs
  • Access to Questions, Answers, Scoring of each RFP
  • RFP set up (categories, scoring, weights)


(Vendor, Unlimited)
  • Bidders receive invites from Buyers to participate in RFPs
  • Ability to assign multiple bidders within one organization
  • Respond to multiple bids simultaneously

There is a one-time setup fee. A Development Sandbox is available for $2500 (one-time annual fee).

Responding to RFPs on the DirectRFP platform allows us to always put our best foot forward. We’re in it to make sure our clients get the best solution to meet their needs. Traditional paragraph-based, open-ended RFPs can invite ambiguity; DirectRFP’s exact sections that require specific answers on a wide-range of telecom and cloud requirements means that we’re able to answer each question to best support our client’s needs. And if there were situations where we needed further clarification, the integrated messaging platform allows us to directly access the buyer and immediate answers. All RFPs should be run through DirectRFP!

– Chris Werpy, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, Masergy

Board of Advisors

Curt Lewis

With more than 20 years of experience, Curt is a respected authority in the Telecom industry, participating in several advisory councils and has guided LinkSource Technologies to become a recognized Telecom and Cloud managed services firm on the west coast. LinkSource manages over millions in annual client revenue for some of the most prominent brands. Curt’s entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to take on endeavours, such as becoming an Angel Investor in the Biochemical and Technology industries along with being an active philanthropist.

Jason Newbold

Jason’s background is in global telecom sales and management with more than 20 years of experience from both AT&T and SBC Global. As an expert in SIP, TEM and VPN solutions, Jason has a strong technical background, which has been highly sought after in numerous engagements and other business opportunities. He is passionate about discovering client’s challenges and coupling his telecom expertise with his innate need to explore new markets and technologies.

Chris Werpy

Chris Werpy has lead multiple teams and is responsible for the Solutions Engineering, Client Services and Emerging Markets organizations. He brings more than 15 years of networking and communications experience with a proven track record in technical and strategic roles in operations, sales and business development. He has published numerous industry articles, spoken on various panels and is a recognized thought leader in the communications and security industries.

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