Request for Proposal Software Built for Tech

Reduce the cost of technology procurement while improving the quality of your RFP responses.

With over 20 years of telecom, cloud, and IT domain expertise — and over 500 RFPs completed to date — DirectRFP® takes the pain from procurement and connects buyers with vendors seamlessly.

An Intuitive Platform to Facilitate the Development, Administration, and Management of your RFPs.


DirectRFP® for Procurement Teams

  • Over 1000 best-in-class RFP questions (and answers) tailored to Telecom, Cloud, and IT industries
  • Intuitive RFP setup (including categories, scoring, weights, and more)
  • RFP management dashboard including metrics and KPIs
  • Customizable role-based privileges
  • Low annual license fee plus a per-user fee

DirectRFP® for Telecom, Cloud, and IT Vendors

  • Receive invites from Buyers to participate in RFPs
  • Assign multiple bidders within one organization and allocate workloads appropriately
  • Respond to multiple bids simultaneously
  • Ask questions and comments directly to the Buying team
  • Respond to unlimited RFPs
  • With our Retainment Feature, never respond to the same answer twice

Traditional paragraph-based, open-ended RFPs can invite ambiguity — DirectRFP’s templates require specific answers on a wide-range of telecom, cloud, and IT requirements so we can answer each question and support our clients better. Responding to RFPs has never been easier. We quickly uncover our clients’ needs and respond with the exact solution requirements.

– Chris Werpy, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, Masergy

How Does DirectRFP® Work?

Buyers and Telecom, Cloud, and IT vendors (bidders) can collaborate seamlessly through an intuitive platform to reduce the time and effort spent on both sides of the RFP process.


Procurement Project Team

Invite internal RFP stakeholders    Set roles and permissions

View dashboard of activities    Create and manage RFPs


Bidder A, Bidder B, Bidder C, etc. (unlimited)

Access new RFPs    Invite internal stakeholders

Set roles and permissions    View dashboard of activities



IT Project Manager & Operations Manager

Interact with vendors    Collaborate with team members

Ensure 100% Audit Trail    Access files and question library


Bidder A, Bidder B, Bidder C, etc. (unlimited)

Interact with buyers    Collaborate with team members

Set alerts and receive notifications

Share files easily



IT Project Manager & Operations Manager

Create questions, clone RFP templates, and create new templates

Import legacy RFP questions

Set question weights    Set answer scores



Procurement Project Manager

Invite and manage bidders    Get real-time responses

Mobile friendly interface — respond on the road

Mobile friendly respond on the road


Bidder A, Bidder B, Bidder C, etc. (unlimited)

Reduce response times    Receive notifications

View previous auto responses     Review your scores



Procurement Project Manager

Score vendor responses    Accelerate RFP evaluation

Improve decision making

Set and manage budget and desired pricing



Procurement Project Manager

Review in real time    Automate vendor ranking

Efficiently shortlist vendors    Collaborate with teams



Procurement Project Manager

Shortlist bidders    Finalize negotiations

Award bidder(s)    Ensure 100% audit trail


Winning Bidder

Receive buyer feedback    Participate more

Win More!

Why DirectRFP®?

DirectRFP is a role-based collaboration platform. Allow your RFP procurement team to quickly and easily deploy, manage, and evaluate single or multiple RFPs.

Automate 90% of Your RFPs

Use templates to automate most of your RFPs and leave more time to focus on the critical 10%.

100% RFP Compliance

Eliminate ambiguity in the bidding process with pre-set answers and weighted scoring.

Auto-Score and Analyze Results

Never print off another bid again!

60% Reduction in Response Time

Improve ease of vendor access, get an unlimited number of responses, and enjoy more cost savings.

Real-Time Scoring

From open to close, know who’s bidding (how they are scoring).

Looking for Complete RFP Managed Services?

Linksource offers end-to-end RFP management for Telecom, Cloud, and IT projects.
Complete RFP Lifecycle Managed Services: Assisting with creating, benchmarking, managing, and analysing responses
Over 1000 Best-in-Class RFP Questions: For over 14 telecom technology categories with the ability to run multiple RFPs simultaneously
Multi-Technology Domain Expertise: Whether it’s MPLS, SIP, UCaaS, or TEM Audits, we can help with every RFP